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YouDrive.lk is a peer-to-peer car sharing service that makes it possible for car owners to rent their cars to other people all over the world visiting Sri Lanka. Owners earn money from their cars and Renters get access to a wider range of vehicles and save money compared to traditional car rental agencies.

We know that trust and security are important when engaging with other people. YouDrive.lk takes full payment for each booking to be confirmed and assures all bookings are genuine.

The rental process involves a few simple steps:

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Simply search for a car to hire at the price and location to suit you

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Book your ideal car for 2 – 365 days and save $$$.

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Arrange a convenient time to collect the car.

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Process for


  • 1
    Sign up and register vehicles (upload details, photographs of the car available to rent and set daily rates).
  • 2
    Receive and accept booking requests. Arrange a handover time and location with the Renter.
  • 3
    Sign Car Rental Agreement (prepared by the Owner), YouDrive.lk highly recommend both vehicle Owner and Renter to inspect the vehicle jointly and take photographs to confirm the condition of the car at the beginning of the rent.
  • 4
    Receive security bonds from Renter and hand over the vehicle to Renter, YouDrive.lk transfers payment charged from Renter to Owner upon receipt of an email from Renter confirming start of the rent.
  • 5
    At the end of renting period, arrange the return of the car with the Renter, complete inspection jointly and release security bond.
Process for


  • 1
    Search for a suitable car nearby and make a booking request.
  • 2
    Wait until vehicle Owner accepts or rejects the booking request.
  • 3
    Make payment with credit card upon acceptance of the booking request.
  • 4
    Arrange a handover time and location with the Owner.
  • 5
    Sign Car Rental Agreement and take photographs to confirm the condition of the car at the beginning of the rental.
  • 6
    Return the car to the Owner at the conclusion of the rental period and receive security bond.
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