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Worldwide Advertising

We advertise your car in many countries including Australia, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, South Korea and Middle East countries targeting holiday makers visiting Sri Lanka.

YouDrive.lk sends you only reliable car renters

YouDrive.lk takes full booking fee from car renters once Car Owner approves (accepts) the booking, therefore only genuine customers come to make booking

We do not charge from car owners

YouDrive.lk does not charge from car owners (excepts credit card surcharge fee charged by Payhere). YouDrive.lk charges reservation fee from renters

Free to sign up and register cars

YouDrive.lk does not charge from car owners for sign up and registering cars

About Us

YouDrive.lk is a peer-to-peer car sharing service that makes it possible for car owners to rent their cars to other people all over the world visiting Sri Lanka. Owners earn money from their cars and Renters get access to a wider range of vehicles and save money compared to traditional car rental agencies.